About Me


More than 20 years making ceramics and teaching it.

I love old stuffs and am very curious about new ceramic technologies.

I also love simple recipies…


Short Bio

Where It All Began

Graduated of Applied Arts diploma in FRANCE.

Studied Ceramics in “E.N.S.A.V. La Cambre” and “Académie Constantin Meunier”, BELGIUM.

Travelled worldwide and studied ceramics mainly in India and Japan.

Learned “ghatam drums” making under Mr Kesavan learnship, Manamadurai, INDIA.

Still learning the making of “bizen tea ceremony utensils” under the guidance of master Abe Anjin, Okayama, JAPAN.

Actually teaching Ceramics in Belgium in art schools: “académie des Beaux-arts de Arlon”, “école des arts de Tournai“ and “les ateliers de la rue Voot“.

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